Symphony Imaging Pro

Symphony Imaging Pro is an extension of the existing Symphony with additional image processing capabilities.

What does this module offer extra?

We use a local PACS to keep all your image data in original DICOM format. The local storage also guarantees fast access. In addition, we use a cloud PACS, which provides a backup. With this, original images are not only stored locally, but also in the cloud, so that you (and possibly third parties) have access to the images everywhere. In terms of storage, we provide 300GB per vet account (both local and in the cloud) within your subscription. Additional storage is possible at an additional cost. And you have the option to (temporarily) share (original) images or entire studies with third parties.
Symphony Imaging Pro supports DICOM worklists, allowing you to start your exam from Fuga and flow client and patient data to your RX and ultrasound machines. In addition, there is an integration with state-of-the-art DICOM viewer medDream. This application also allows editing images and saving the result.

Symphony Imaging Pro is also integrated with the preoperative planning tool VPOP.

We use Synology NAS as hardware.