If you enter a new appointment, you can select the customer and patient directly from your database so that the data is taken over. The app allows your customers to make new appointments online. These online appointments are directly scheduled in your Fuga agenda. Also, it is possible to notify customers who made an appointment by text message or email at a certain moment. Recurring appointments (such as a weekly internal meeting) can easily be created or deleted.

Fuga allows you to give a certain employee or consultation room a certain status by attributing the co-worker labels and consultation room labels. For example, you can indicate that there will be surgery in ‘Consultation room 2’ every Wednesday afternoon in the month of April.

The agenda can be customized to your own preferences and needs: for example, you can make the calendar compact, or very extensive. In addition, the agenda is consultable in different perspectives: day or week summary, all staff members or the different consultation rooms in one view.

Due to its online character, Fuga’s agenda is accessible for all users from everywhere and it is always up-to-date. Also, the calendar can be synchronized with iCal, iCloud, Outlook, and Google Calendar.