Client interactions

In Fuga, you can introduce different types of interactions with a customer: a consultation (a classical consultation that may be very short or very extensive), a sale (product sales) and a communication (for example an important call you want to include in the customer’s record).

A consultation can be extended with clinical records: anesthesia, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology and dentistry. These records allow you to save and edit detailed information. For example, you can edit drawings for ophthalmology or dentistry and link all possible research. In addition, a consultation can be extended with all kinds of digital documents: radiography, lab results, videos, referrals, etc.

In order to avoid introducing the same over and over again, you can define actions and protocols yourself. A protocol contains all actions that can be taken by a veterinarian, combining one or more operations with the use of products. Operations and more complex consultations can be added with only one action.

There is a complete integration with stock management. When you eventually lock the consultation, you can enter all payment information in detail. For example, you can select multiple payment methods for one consultation, put consultations on an account, distinguish between the payment date and the consultation date, etc.

Finally, there is great flexibility in the pricing of consultations and sales. Per product, you can enter specific price variations for sale or administration, and per customer you can give discounts on honors or sales. You can also assign bulk discounts.