Fuga has a fully automated stock management, including interfaces with a large number of suppliers. These interfaces automatically match your delivered products to Fuga, together with all details (lot number, expiration date, etc.). For some suppliers, orders can be made directly from within Fuga.

Correcting the stock is always possible. You will always keep the overview: which products are approaching their expiration date, how many products need to be ordered, which products are delivered, etc. You can use a barcode scanner to identify lots. It is also possible to request pricelists and other legally required registers, such as incoming and outgoing registers for cascade or narcotic products.

Fuga has the ability to work with multiple depots, allowing you to make various settings, such as the minimum and maximum stock, by depot. There is also the possibility of working with ‘virtual depots’: an official depot with the stock distributed over multiple virtual depots, for example the practice itself and multiple cars.

Finally, you can register the antibiotic use of the practice at MediRund, Sanitel-Med and AB Register. Fuga then keeps a list of products to be reported behind the scenes, so you just have to send the list by the end of the month. TVDs can also be made in Fuga and forwarded digitally.