Symphony is a system (hardware + software + service) that collects results from various lab instruments (digital radiography, ultrasound, CT, lab results, etc.) and communicates these results in a standard format to Fuga. The results are automatically placed in the correct file. This facilitates an easy integration of the lab results with the patient's history in Fuga.

To accomplish this Symphony speaks the dialects of the various lab devices and translates these in the standard xml language for lab results which is specified by

The Symphony hardware is a Raspberry Pi with a SD card, which makes the hardware very robust and expandable. Symphony runs on Raspian and the application itself is written in Java. In addition, Symphony can be configured and monitored remotely so that any problems can be resolved quickly.

Symphony interfaces with multiple instruments (below). In addition to these specific devices, Symphony can connect to any device that can place DICOM images on the network. At the customer's request, we can always add new devices:

  • Abaxis HM-5, VS-2
  • Medonic CA620 530
  • Meletschloesing M Scan II, MS4S
  • Mindray BC-2800, BC-5000
  • Spotchem EZ SP4430, EL SE1520