The application is a communication channel between your practice and your customers, the pet owners. The application improves the contact with your customers, it reduces the administrative work in your practice and it can generate new revenues.

Your customers can use this application on PC, tablet and/or smartphone. They can:

  • View and manage the records of their pets. You, as a vet, can determine to which extend the customer can view and change the data.
  • Order products that were bought in the past.
  • View their loyalty card. This option can be disabled if your practice does not use the Fuga loyalty card.
  • Make online appointments. The vet can open up blocks in his/her agenda in which online appointments can be made.
  • Receive messages from your practice. Vaccination reminders and product reminders are sent automatically. Other messages can be created and targeted at a specific subset of your customers.

As a practice, you can send informative, commercial, medical or other messages to a specific audience of your clientele.

The main page of is also a search page for people looking for a veterinarian. This page contains all practices that use Fuga and/or In this way your practice becomes more visible on the internet. is offered as a extra module within the Practice Management System (PMS) Fuga, which means that Fuga automatically takes over data from and vice versa.