Clients & Patients

In Fuga you get an overview of all customers and patients, including their historical and financial details. In the customer’s record you can find all paid and unpaid invoices, credit notes, payment reminders, past payments and details about the customer card. You can create customer records that contain multiple persons and addresses, and the number of patients that can be assigned to a customer is unlimited. Customers and patients can also designate all kinds of preferences such as language preference for correspondence and standard discounts on honors and sales.

You can easily look up customers and patients with the search function in Fuga. With the advanced search feature, you can also search for customers and patients based on specific criteria. For example, you can find all customers who have a dog over 8 years old, to inform them by mail or by post about the prevention plan for older dogs. This way you can also create and send newsletters to a specific audience from your customer base.

It is possible to attach any document to a customer or patient record, usually shown with an automatically generated thumbnail-preview. You can also create different sizes of labels from customers and patients.