Basic Modules

Fuga is Practice Management System (PMS) for vets that offers a complete package including customer and patient management, inventory management, (limited) accounting and comprehensive management tools. Fuga aims to make your practice more efficient, reduce costs and increase output.


The software package contains a number of basic modules, which you can fully customize using the settings. Adjustments are possible at user level and at practice level. This makes it possible that in a mixed practice the horse dentist uses Fuga in a different layout than the colleague who mainly treats pet animals.


It is possible to generate different graphs and reports to analyze the operation of your practice, such as a detailed financial overview.


Fuga is available in several languages ​​(Dutch, French and English). Not only can the veterinarian use the program in his preferred language, communication with animal owners and suppliers can also be done in their own language.

What kind of practice is Fuga suitable for?

Thanks to the numerous possibilities for adapting Fuga to use and layout, the software is suitable for any type of practice. This is also reflected in our clientele that consists of starting pet animal practices, clinics, nutrition practices and horse practices.

Why online?

Online software offers you many advantages. You do not have to install a program, and you can use Fuga anywhere with all kinds of devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) at no extra charge. Thanks to Fuga's web-based character, the user does not need to make any extra backups, everything is kept in the cloud. For example, if the computer crashes, the data is not lost. Fuga is also ideal for group practices or clinics, as it works in real time in a central database.

What about safety?

For sending data from Fuga, the secure 'https' protocol is used. Data transmitted with this protocol over the Internet will be encrypted first, making it impossible for an outsider to know what data is being sent. This protocol is also used for payment transactions by credit card or by telebanking.

Data itself is stored on virtual servers in a 'Class A Datacenter'. This A-label includes: fire protection, earthquake-proof, full redundant performance, access control, video surveillance, air-conditioning, multiple internet access, emergency power supply via diesel generator and ups. A virtual server means that defect hardware will automatically switch to new hardware.

In addition, data is continuously mirrored across different hard drives, which in turn are backed up to other servers. As an end user, you do not have to make any backups.

Interfaces with suppliers and labs

Essential for Fuga are interfaces with third parties such as suppliers, laboratories, accountants, antibiotic registers, etc. These integrations reduce the administrative work of a veterinary practice significantly.

Below you can find out the suppliers Fuga has an interface with. The integration varies from the automatic reading of new deliveries to placing orders within Fuga.

  • ADC
  • Alcyon
  • AUV
  • Covetrus
  • Crocodile
  • Dubavo
  • Hanff
  • Medini
  • Prophac
  • Sanofarm
  • Vetria
  • Vetrinord
  • Waaroost

Below you can find out the labs Fuga has an interface with. That interface consists of creating lab requests and automatically reading (and linking) the results.

  • AML
  • Bruyland
  • Medilab
  • Synlab/Labo Collard
  • Velab
  • Zoolyx