What is Fuga?

My name is Fuga and I was created by vets, for vets. I am an online application for the management of a veterinary practice and I simplify the administration in your practice. This allows you to spend more time for your true passion: good medical care for the patient.

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What is Fuga?

Fuga is Practice Management System (PMS) for veterinarians. It provides a complete package including customer and patient management, inventory management, (limited) accounting and comprehensive management tools. Fuga aims to make your practice more efficient, reduce costs and increase output.

Fuga is available in several languages: Dutch, French and English. Not only can the vet use the program in his preferred language, communication with animal owners and suppliers can also be done in their own language and technology of choice: text message, email, mail, etc.

Good service

To ensure a good start, each new customer gets a free training at the start of Fuga. Fuga is also supported by a free help desk, both by email and by telephone.


Fuga is made up of several modules. In addition to the basic modules, some interesting additions are also available.

Up-to-date and online

Fuga is a online program that is quite advanced and always up to date with the latest developments and legislation in the veterinary sector. Because Fuga keeps track of everything in the cloud, you do not need to make any extra backups. If the computer crashes, the data is not lost. Additionally, you can use Fuga anywhere where you have internet access, and with an unlimited number of users.

Fuga has high security

Fuga scores very well in safety. Data is always encrypted before transmitting over the internet, so it is impossible for an outsider to know what data is being sent. In addition, the server park is strictly secure. The data is continuously mirrored across different hard drives, which in turn are backed up to multiple servers.


Fuga is my best investment in years! Because Fuga is a web-based application I can consult my practice data anywhere on any device, even from abroad.

Dr. Frederik Oosterlinck - De Rhode Gond bvba

Fuga described in a few words: user-friendly, clear, easy stock management, excellent service! The ideal software for a veterinary practice.

Delphine Rogge - AC Hond en Kat bv

Strong points

Modular: suitable for every type of practice, including clinics
Simplifies your administration
Always up to date, no need for software updates
Safe, daily backups
Strong service: training and help desk 24/7 (for free)